We help parents, like you, transform their children into Confident, highly focused leaders by developing a Black Belt Character within weeks!  

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✔ We are voted TOP 5 in the UK (Whats on 4 Kids 2018)

✔ Our founder is a best selling author on Character Development.  

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Our Story

We are a small team of professional martial arts instructors with a passion for developing character in young people. We teach over 1000 students per year across 4 counties and are now one of the most successful, independent martial arts schools in the UK. 

When we were children we started Martial Arts for the same reasons many students do, to learn cool moves and become a black belt! As we have grown thorugh martial arts and our characters have been shaped by the Black Belt Community our lives have completely changed. It's our vision to give young people a huge headstart in life by giving them a black belt character, ultimately increasing their opportunity and happiness in life.  

There’s really nothing out there like The Warrior Academy and we hope that our introduction trial will show you that. 

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The Warrior Method - Best Seller on Amazon!

After 20+ years, studying competing and teaching martial arts around the world; Sebastian Bates wrote the Warrior Method. The Warrior Method details our methodology for developing character in young people. In the book, Seb shares lots of his own personal stories as well as lots of case studies from Warrior parents in our community. Since it's launch it has become an Amazon best seller and The Warrior Academy has gained interest around the world. 

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5 star

Our small, full-time team of Instructors

Our close knit team of Instructors teach martial arts full time! We have travelled the world competing and training in over 8 styles of martial arts between us over the last 30 years. We are dedicated to mentoring your child from White Belt to Black Belt and on their Character Development Journey!

Leighton Andrews


Senior Instructor

Leighton has a strong background in Taekwondo, achieving his 1st degree at the age of 13 in Cyprus. Leighton’s very visible passion for martial arts and teaching make him a brilliant instructor. From a young age Leighton has been teaching in his local martial arts club as well as managing a local football team.

Matt Hillier

Matt Hillier

UK manager and Head Instructor

Instructor Matt has an incredibly interesting background in Martial Arts with over 8 years studying Tae Kwon Do with a 1st Degree Black Belt competing at a national level, coming third in the UK for sparring at the English Championships 2016.

2018 Survey to over 1000 Warrior Academy Parents.  

“100% of Parents saw an increase in Confidence in their child, on average up by 26%”  

“100% of Parents saw an improvement in their child’s focus resulting in an average improvement in their grades of 23.3%”  

“93% saw a visible improvement in behaviour in their child, resulting in less stress at home, stating we had improved their “Quality-Family-Time”  

Do not miss out - only 4 chances each year to join us!  

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